Join as a reseller - Want to earn easy money online?

Want to earn easy money online?

Join the Sellerbration Reseller channel and start your reselling business with zero investment.

Join as a Reseller

Perks of joining Sellerbration Resellers Channel

Select the products you like and sell them under your Brand name.

Start selling online now

Create your account, choose your plan, select the products, build your store, and share it in your network. Let your customers place orders and get your margin credited to your account. No investment in inventory or warehouses. Let Sellerbration Fulfillment handle your order fulfillment troubles.

List Commission Fees

We know that you are building a business from scratch, that's why we charge you the list commission fees for making your sales.

Grow your Brand Name

Sell hundreds and thousands of products online through your online store and that too under your brand name!


What is the Sellerbration  reselling platform?

Sellerbration reselling platform helps you start your online reselling business without any investment. We have several products listed at discounted prices from manufacturers and wholesalers. You can add your share of margin and start selling them.

Who can become a Sellerbration reseller?

Anyone who wants to earn easy money online can join the Sellerbration reseller program and start their reselling business in a single click.

How can you start reselling with Sellerbration?

Click on Join as a reseller, create your account & you will get access to plenty of products listed on the Sellerbration platform for reselling. Choose the products you like to resell, add them to your catalog, and start selling.

How will I get paid?

When you sell your products listed on Sellerbration, our team handles the shipment & delivers the products from sellers directly to the customers on your behalf. When the order is fulfilled, you will get the margin you’ve added to your account.

How can I make sales with reselling through Sellerbration?

You can showcase your products in your network, share them on social channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

How can I sell under my brand name with Sellerbration?

You can create your online store on Sellerbration and choose & list unlimited products you want to sell under your brand name, and start selling. Build your business from scratch and elevate it to the level you want to.

Are there any restrictions on the selection of products I like selling on Sellerbration?

No, there is no restriction for the product categories while selling online via Sellerbration. You can choose products of the same/different categories, you can add them to your catalog and start selling.

How will I process the orders I get from my customers?

If your customers place an online order directly, our team will handle the end-to-end order fulfillment from the registered merchant to your customer’s place. You need not bother about shipment processing we will handle it for you.

How Sellerbration can help me expand my reselling business?

With Sellerbration you can manage your different sales channels through a single dashboard. You can resell your products on social channels, via your website, mobile app, go live and sell to your customers directly. We arm you with all the marketing and growth tools to scale & flourish your business.

How about the rules for returns and exchanges?

You need to follow the marketplace rules for returns and exchanges on Sellerbration. It depends upon the rules & returns window decided by the wholesaler or manufacturer if they are accepting returns for the products you are selling through your portal.

Get independent & start earning online with Sellerbration

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